CHAPTER 3. The Nature of the Quest

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Dr David R Hawkins, Book 2: ‘The Eye of the I, From Which Nothing is Hidden’


Section Two



The Nature of the Quest


  1. Nonlinear learning takes place more as a result of familiarity than by logically sequenced, processed intellection. Consciousness tends to advance as an automatic consequence of having acquired new information. On review, then, it is capable of integrating information that may have been missed or not understood. Each exposure advances integration and therefore new insights.
  1. It was discovered that a clinically useful diagnostic muscle test had a much higher potentiality than had been previously suspected. Much as the telescope is found to be capable of revealing the planets of the universe and not just the goings-on in the woods or the neighbors’ back yards, the muscle test was found to be based on a nonlocal, universal quality of consciousness that was impersonal and that transcended the personality or the particulars of the test subject.
  1. It was found that the response of the body’s muscles to a test stimulus was determined by an essential quality of consciousness itself that is able to instantly react to the presence of truth by going strong, thereby giving a ‘yes’ or positive response. The absence of truth is indicated by weakness, a ‘no’ response. Investigation of this reproducible phenomenon was conducted with thousands of test subjects from all walks of life over a twenty-year period and confirmed by teams of investigators.
  1. By clinical trial and error, research established that the muscle-test response differentiated between that which was beneficial and that which was destructive. It had diagnostic value for discerning physical disease and identifying beneficial treatments. These events occurred in the 1970s, leading to the development of the whole clinical body of information, and clinicians established colleges of kinesiology and applied kinesiology. These primarily attracted general physicians and holistic health practitioners. It also attracted the interest of a psychiatrist, Dr. John Diamond, who took the research to a new level and began to use the muscle response to investigate attitudes, emotions, belief systems, music, sounds, and symbols. This heralded the advent of Behavioral Kinesiology, which had much broader implications.
  1. The next step was the use of the muscle-test response to categorize and eventually numerically calibrate the levels of consciousness. These had been classically stratified in philosophical and spiritual traditions, as the well-recognized levels of spiritual advancement accepted in all cultures. It was found that these stratified levels could be calibrated (logarithmically).A useful scale of consciousness emerged that correlated and, in fact, illustrated man’s entire history. It was found that on an arbitrary scale of 1 to 1,000, anything that calibrated below the level of 200 was negative, anti-life, false, and universally experienced as destructive. Consciousness, then, could differentiate truth from falsehood, which was a major discovery.
  1. The next leap in awareness was the discovery that the level 200 differentiated between power and force, which enabled an investigation into the different qualities of these two contrasting realms. Force is temporary, consumes energy, and moves from one location to another. Power, in contrast, is self-sustaining, permanent, stationary, and invincible. The result of these investigations led to the emergence of the Calibrated Scale of Consciousness and the publication of Power versus Force. The different levels were correlated with social phenomena and also with the prevailing levels of consciousness that were found to dominate human consciousness.
  1. Although the calibrations of these levels can be denoted numerically for easy recognition and understanding, it was discovered that they actually refer to realms beyond the reach of traditional science. This had, in the interim, become termed “chaos theory” or “nonlinear dynamics.” The realm of nonduality is not describable in terms of traditional mathematics, such as differential calculus. The realm of nondualistic, nonlinear reality turned out to be the realm traditionally described as spiritual. The power behind human affairs stemmed from these indefinable, indescribable, and immeasurable realities that constituted human motivation, significance, and meaning.
  1. Life itself had been beyond scientific investigation because life is nonlinear and dynamic. Thus, the descriptive terminology and conceptualization of linear Newtonian physics and its paradigm of reality had to be transcended.
  1. The measurable, observable, physical world turned out to be a world of effects, with no intrinsic power. Real power resides in the infinitely powerful domains of the unseen and the nonlinear. Reality was not describable in terms of time, dimension, location, or measurement but existed independently in the infinite potentiality beyond space and time, traditionally called ‘Reality’. These are the infinite ‘domains’ that had never been described except by exceptionally gifted individuals deemed to be enlightened.
  1. Investigation of the higher calibrated levels of consciousness correlated exactly with the degree of enlightenment of the great spiritual teachers of human history. It was found that no human had ever lived who calibrated at a consciousness level beyond 1,000, and those who did calibrate in such high numbers had been accorded the status of great teacher, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Avatar, Savior, the teachers of Divinity, or the windows of God. For thousands of years their teachings had shaped mankind’s context of reality and contextualized the total human experience.
  1. Of exceptional value is the discovery that inasmuch as everything in the universe, even the smallest thought, gives off a calibratable energy or vibratory track, these vibratory events were recorded permanently in the energy field of consciousness, which was beyond time and space.
  1. Outside time or space, there is no ‘then’ or ‘now’, no ‘here’ or ‘there’. All that ever transpired had laid down a permanent record that was calibratable and retrace-able. ‘All that ever was’ in the universe still is and is identifiable, discernible, and trackable by anyone anywhere, at any time.
  1. All supposedly ‘unrecorded history’ had, in fact, been precisely recorded forever with identifying details. With this realization, scripture now actually became verifiable. The capacity to discern, discriminate, and differentiate between truth and falsehood revealed itself for the first time in human history. This led to a massive amount of research. The accuracy of the ensuing observations was subjected to academic standards of research and published as the dissertation, “Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Levels of Human Consciousness.”
  1. The necessary preconditions, background, and basis for the evolution of this progressive understanding of human consciousness had been the emergence of a transformative, enlightening state of consciousness in 1965.The brilliance, peace, love, and profound compassion and understanding of the Divine Presence revealed the infinite nature of reality as the awareness/Self and source of all existence beyond all time, form, conditions, or description.
  1. Innate to the Presence is an Infinite, Timeless Knowingness that illuminates all possibility, beyond all opposites or causality. Revelation presents itself as self-explanatory and obvious, the essence of all truth. The totality and completeness of the knowingness prevails beyond time and is therefore always present. One reflection of its presence is the capacity to comprehend the incomprehensible by its self-revelation of its essence. Therefore, all stands revealed. The unmanifest and the manifest are one and the same.
  1. The essence of truth is subjectivity, which transcends duality and yet provides a bridge between. It took years to perfect the bridge so that communication of the ineffable to the world of form was made possible. The book, Power versus Force, was the result.
  1. The discoveries thus far described had profound implications and evolved into years of research by peers and then teams of coinvestigators by whom hundreds of thousands of calibrations were made of every aspect of human life, events, and personages of history. These included spiritual teachings, literature, and teachers.
  1. Out of all this emerged lengthy calibrations of human attitudes, ideas, concepts, and belief systems. The sheer mass of data took years to correlate and abstract the essentials in order to be able to provide a comprehensive presentation of the information. The data had obvious potential value to mankind as a research technique for obtaining heretofore inaccessible knowledge.
  1. The leap from the Newtonian paradigm of linear causality, perception, and duality to the nonlinear reality that transcends perception is not easily made in our society. However, it is of value to those who work towards spiritual evolution or the progression of science to understanding the nature of life itself.
  1. The discovery of the distribution of the levels of consciousness throughout society was also quite significant and explained much of human behavior in history. How millions of people, whole generations and whole cultures, even whole continents, could be so easily manipulated to their own destruction was explained by the discovery that seventy-eight percent of the world’s population calibrates below the level of Integrity at 200. In addition to this limitation, the consciousness level of mankind as a whole remained at only 190 and was unchanged for centuries until, suddenly, in 1986, it jumped across the critical line from falsehood to Integrity and Truth at 200, and on to its current level at 207, which indicates progressive integrity and truth. The calibrated Scale of Consciousness, together with the capacity of the muscle test, thus provided a reliable map and compass for anyone desiring to evolve spiritually or advance their level of consciousness.
  1. The heavy programming of man’s consciousness by negativity has meant that not only is seventy-eight percent of the population below the level of Integrity at 200, but only four percent of the world’s population ever reaches the level of Love at 500, and only 0.4 percent reaches the level of 540, or Unconditional Love. The consciousness level of Enlightenment at 600, which is the crossover from duality to nonduality, is reached by approximately one in ten million persons (0.000001 percent). Also of importance is the realization of the enormously different levels of power between the calibrated levels. Because they are logarithmic, even a few points are very significant. If the muscle-testing method and the Scale of Consciousness are used to elucidate the underpinnings of the great barrier of duality that arises from perception, which, in turn, arises from positionality, the veil that hides the light of truth falls away. Divinity is present everywhere but obscured by identification with the mind and the body.
  1. The Eye of the I is the Self of Divinity expressed as Awareness. The unmanifest, transcendental divinity of Allah/God/Brahman/Krishna becomes manifest as the Self/Atman—the immanent divinity.

  1. Spiritual evolution occurs as the result of removing obstacles and not actually acquiring anything new. Devotion enables surrender of the mind’s vanities and cherished illusions so that it progressively becomes freer and more open to the light of Truth.

  1. Illumination refers to those spiritual states where sufficient barriers have been dropped, either deliberately or unconsciously, so that a greater context suddenly presents itself, and in so doing, illuminates, clarifies, and reveals an expanded field of consciousness actually experienced as inner light. This is the light of awareness, the radiance of the Self that emanates as a profound lovingness. Although, for many people, the experience may not last (as in near-death experiences), the residual effect is permanent and transformative. In due time, the light is likely to return again for periods of infinite bliss, peace, and silence, followed by a profound gratitude for the gift.
  1. The unforgettable event tends to set up a yearning to return to that state, which may result in the willingness to give up everything in this world to do so. Curiosity is replaced by dedication, surrender, and devotion. Spiritual inspiration strengthens and becomes the guiding light of one’s life. All human desires fade away in comparison to what is now realized as the ultimately possible state. One then has become truly a devotee and a servant of God for whom one is willing to surrender all that this life has to offer.
  1. The next obstacle that is likely to arise is impatience, which sometimes reaches the level of desperation. Having once experienced Shangri-la, the explorer will risk life itself and make any sacrifice in order to return. The search and the journey can become a powerful, driving obsession. There is, therefore, sometimes the awful grief at the disappearance of that illumined state, or the guilt that perhaps one has done something to deserve being separated from it. One beseeches God in heaven for assistance.
  1. Despair can set in, as well as periods of despondency and selfblame. These are followed, however, by even more powerful rededication and commitment to the journey. The soul is unwilling and now perhaps even unable to settle for anything less than the presence of God. Surrender occurs at greater and greater depths until there is finally the willingness to let even one’s very self as ‘I’ disappear. That ‘self’ goes deeper and is stronger than one had suspected. Its hold seems tenacious and fierce.
  1. Then, by the greatest surrender, which is accomplished not by one’s own will but by the grace of God, the agony of the death of the ego/self occurs and seems almost unbearable. It then disappears into eternity, and into the vacancy swells the All-encompassing Presence in stunning glory and radiance. That one ever experienced oneself as separate or not identical with that Presence is unthinkable and incomprehensible. There is no explanation.
  1. There then arose the potentiality for the one to know and experience itself as One. It is simultaneously both and yet neither. That is the present state or condition—all potentiality, all possibility, all states —all of them, yet none of them. It is not verbally explicable.


  1. One difficulty with spiritual writings is that they often do not present a context of familiarity so that a seeker can approach the subject with comfort. For instance, it is often stated that the personal life of the writer or speaker is of no consequence, which, although true in an absolute sense, ignores the level of consciousness of most of humanity that has a natural curiosity and expectation about the style in which information needs to be presented. To say that one’s personal life is of no significance has no meaning to most people.
  1. There is a natural tendency to be curious about what kind of person experiences unusual spiritual revelations. There is curiosity about the personality traits or lifestyle. There is also the intuitive awareness that to understand it is to discover that perhaps those traits or characteristics tend to eventuate in spiritual awareness. Perhaps there are certain personality styles or characteristics that are common to those who become dedicated to spiritual discovery or who realize certain states of consciousness.
  1. The spiritual pathway is facilitated by certain characteristics that become reinforced and more powerful with practice, experience, and success. These include the capacity to focus unswervingly on a goal and to concentrate fixedly on a technique or spiritual exercise with commitment and dedication. Thus, there is a resolution of purpose and a willingness to let go of everything or anything based upon one’s profound belief and faith in a spiritual teaching or truth. In general, there is a willingness to forgive and love rather than to hate and condemn. There is a willingness to forsake the lesser for the greater and a desire to understand rather than to judge. The reason people with spiritual interests seem to congregate is because they have a preference for peace and tranquility over stimulation and excitement. Perhaps the most useful tool is the capacity for humility and the realization of the limitations of ordinary consciousness and their consequences.
  1. To ensure the validity of one’s direction of endeavor, it is crucial to calibrate the level of truth of every teaching, teacher, guru, or spiritual group.
  1. Historically, it can be seen that mankind stumbles on blindly, much like ships did in the unmarked oceans, without a compass or maps. Literally hundreds of millions of people throughout time have been destroyed for lack of a simple technique to overcome the mind’s incapacity to tell a sheep from a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Whole nations have gone down; whole civilizations have died from following propaganda, slogans, and belief systems that, when muscle tested, make one go weak. Although the muscle-testing technique may sound simple and crude, so was the discovery of the lodestone for use as a compass.
  1. Most people on the planet today owe their survival to things that were once thought unscientific and crude, such as the dirty-looking growth of mold on a petri dish that was observed to be able to kill bacteria. This little discovery led to antibiotics and thereby increased mankind’s quality of health and expected longevity.
  1. The naive seeker is fair game for any and all would-be captors via various ideologies through the sheer influence of numbers, persuasion, and charisma. Peer pressure for the gullible is also prevalent so that finding one’s way through the thickets of profuse religious and purportedly spiritual teachings becomes hazardous and problematic. It requires some inner conviction and means of guidance to not follow the throngs of worshippers because the herd instinct is strong. Surely, one’s mind says to itself, “All those millions of people could not be wrong or be misled by error.”To find the answer to this paradox, we merely need to examine the makeup of those throngs of often zealous believers. That human error is not only possible but also certain and probable becomes evident from the fact that seventy-eight percent of the world’s population calibrates below the level of 200, the level of Truth and Integrity.
  1. The muscle-testing response is determined solely by the response of universal consciousness to either truth or falseness. On an arbitrary scale (see AppendixB), that which makes one go strong is calibrated at the level of 200. That which is false or destructive calibrates below 200. (From zero to 200, one discovers the levels of Shame, Guilt, Remorse, Fear, Hate, Greed, Pride, Avarice, Anger, etc.)
  1. At the level of Truth and Integrity, the body goes strong, and these levels go up through Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Capability, Lovingness, Joy, and Peace. The positive levels are then calibrated from 200 up to a possible 1,000. Love is at 500, the Intellect is in the 400s, and Capability and Willingness are in the 300s.That seventy-eight percent of mankind calibrates below the level of 200 means that most of society assumes that falsehood is truth. Only twenty-two percent of the world’s population is even capable of understanding what truth is, and of that, only four percent of the world’s population calibrates at 500 or over, which is the level of Love. Farther up the scale, the number of people at the top of this pyramid of humanity dwindles rapidly. Enlightenment calibrates at 600, where duality dissolves into nonduality. The 700s are the realm of the great spiritual teachers, gurus, and saints. Few can be identified in the 800s or 900s. The energy field at 1,000 is the maximum that can be tolerated by the human body and nervous system, and it is the rare level of the great avatars of history. No human has ever existed who calibrated beyond 1,000.
  1. The value of all these realizations is merely to describe a means of discernment because human consciousness lacks the innate capacity to tell truth from falsehood. It is therefore imperative to know the calibrated level of truth of any teaching or teacher.
  1. With this awareness, we begin to understand the great myths of mankind, which are always about the vicissitudes of the seeker who, in the classic story, becomes besieged by challenges, seductions, snares, traps, beguilements, and savage beasts. There are always dragons, fires, swamps, bodies of water, and other hazards to be overcome. In the legends, success depends on knowing a single secret or a mystical bit of information, which becomes the key to progress. Without help from on high or ‘high helpers’, the hero or heroine becomes lost and is finally saved by divine goodness in some disguised form, such as a bird that signals or shows the way. Muscle testing then is such a bird and prevents the painful stumbling into a morass from which it is often difficult or impossible to escape.
  1. The spiritual quest is classically likened to a pathway, a journey, or a venture. Unfortunately, the naive seeker often goes unprepared on a difficult journey without the necessary tools. In the ordinary world, we depend on many safety measures. We wear seatbelts, get inoculated against epidemic diseases, and accept that there are hazards to be guarded against and overcome. Thus, caution comes from wisdom, not from fear. Prudence requires awareness of the pitfalls to be avoided. If enlightenment were easy to come by, it would be a common phenomenon. However, statistically, the chances are less than one in ten million.
  1. There is also the common thought held by seekers that there are only two alternatives, either enlightenment or painful entrapment by the ego. Actually, each step forward brings new joys and a jump in consciousness that calibrates at even only a few points higher on the Scale of Consciousness. Because it is a logarithmic jump, however, it can bring about much greater happiness and accord. As one progresses, confidence replaces fear, emotional comfort replaces distress, and the ease and quality of life improves.

The Desire for Enlightenment

  1. Unless one has fallen unbidden and without previous effort into an enlightened state of consciousness, as happened to such saints as Ramana Maharshi during adolescence, the more common route is to begin to desire to reach an enlightened state. The Buddha said that those who hear and learn of enlightenment will never be satisfied with anything else and, therefore, the end is certain.
  1. Sometimes the seeker puts forth great effort and patience, and discouragement follows. At this stage, the ego assumes there is an ‘I’ that is seeking an ‘it’ (the state of enlightenment), and it therefore seeks to redouble its efforts.
  1. Traditionally, the pathways to God have been through the heart (love, devotion, selfless service, surrender, worship, and adoration) or through the mind (advaita, or the pathway of nonduality). Each way may seem more comfortable at one stage or another, or they may alternate in emphasis. Either way, it is a hindrance to consider that there is a personal self, or an ‘I’, or an ego that is doing the striving or seeking or that will become enlightened. It is much easier to realize there is no such thing as the ego or an ‘I’ identity that is doing any seeking, but instead, it is an impersonal aspect of consciousness that is doing the exploring and seeking.
  1. A useful approach is to let the love for God replace the willfulness that is driving the seeking. One can release all desire to seek and realize that the thought that there is anything else but God is a baseless vanity. This is the same vanity that claims authorship for one’s experiences, thoughts, and actions. With reflection, it can be seen that both the body and the mind are the result of the innumerable conditions of the universe, and that one is at best the witness of this concordance. Out of an unrestricted love for God arises the willingness to surrender all motives except to serve God completely. To be the servant of God becomes one’s goal rather than enlightenment. To be a perfect channel for God’s love is to surrender completely and to eliminate the goal seeking of the spiritual ego. Joy itself becomes the initiator of further spiritual work.
  1. From joy and humility, the rest of the process is certain. One becomes aware that the whole spiritual-seeking process is being activated by the attraction of the ultimate destiny to realize the Self rather than being propelled by the limited ego. It could be said in ordinary language that one is being pulled along by the future rather than being propelled by the past. It is obvious that unless one was destined for enlightenment, one would not even be interested in the subject. To even aspire to such a state is actually quite rare. In an entire lifetime, the average person does not meet even one other person who is primarily interested in reaching enlightenment. The path can be arduous and demanding.
  1. In the Western world, there is really no accepted or traditional role for the spiritual seeker. It is not expected that one will finish up one’s worldly business and then, at retirement, spend the rest of life spiritually seeking the truth to the exclusion of all else. In some countries such as India, there is such a cultural path traditionally accepted as a normal development. In the West, a serious spiritual student most often joins dedicated, like-minded persons who are often viewed somewhat suspiciously as dropouts from society unless they enter a monastery or theological seminary.

The Teacher

  1. Spiritual groups are often organizations with their own agendas. Here again is a pitfall for the unwary, for the spiritual world, as well as the ordinary world, contains charlatans whose purpose is to capture the naive initiate for purposes of control, domination, power, money, or prestige, such as having ‘lots of followers’.
  1. The true teachers can be seen to have no interest in fame or in having followers, prestige, or trappings. If we calibrate them, they usually calibrate from the high 500s on up or, more rarely, to the 700s.The teachings and not the teacher are what are important. Inasmuch as the teachings do not come from the personage of the teacher at all, it does not make sense to idolize or worship that personage. The information is transmitted as a gift because it was received as such. There is, therefore, nothing to sell, to enforce, to control, or to charge for inasmuch as the information was free and a gift from God. A valid spiritual organization may make nominal charges to cover ordinary expenses in that everyone contributes for the common good.
  1. The spiritual teacher transmits a benefit due not just to the words themselves but to the high energy of consciousness that accompanies the words. The teacher’s level of consciousness creates what might be likened to a carrier wave that accompanies and empowers the words.
  1. As was cited in the research done in Power versus Force, one single avatar at a consciousness level of 1,000 totally counterbalances the collective negativity of all mankind. An individual at level 700 counterbalances the negativity of 70 million individuals below the level of 200. One individual at 600 counterbalances ten million people below 200; one at 500 counterbalances 750,000 below 200. One individual at consciousness level 300 counterbalances the negativity of 90,000 individuals below 200.
  1. There are currently approximately twenty-two sages on the planet who calibrate at 700 or above. Of these, there are twenty at 800 or more, of whom there are ten at or over 900, and one sage is over 990.These figures have changed since 1995 when Power versus Force was published. (Only ten were over 700.) The negativity of the entire human population would self-destruct were it not for the counteracting effect of these higher energy fields.
  1. It would seem then that there is some truth to the saying that the infinite power of God transmits itself down to beings on earth as though through a series of step-down transformers. Although the actual number of persons on the planet who calibrate negatively far exceeds those who calibrate positively, their actual individual power is very small by comparison so that at the present time, the calibrated energy of mankind as a whole since the 1980s is on the positive side. As previously mentioned, for many centuries prior to 1986, the consciousness level of mankind stood at 190, and then, rather suddenly, it jumped to the level of 207.
  1. The power of the teachings of the original avatars then influences and contextualizes the significance of the life of mankind through centuries and even thousands of years. It is very informative, however, to calibrate the level of consciousness of a great teacher and then calibrate the level of institutionalized teachings that are then brought down through the centuries. Some teachings have survived almost totally unscathed while others have seriously deteriorated. Some have even fallen to such low levels that they calibrate below the critical level of Truth altogether, resulting in negative cults and becoming sources of conflict and negativity in the world. It is well to remember that popularity is not a sign of truth. It is not surprising then that the great majority of the population of mankind falls below the level of 200, and that multimillions are following ‘religions’ that are basically negative.

What Is Spiritual?

  1. It is common for people to confuse ‘spiritual’ with ‘religious,’ and even with the supernatural, or ‘astral’ domains. They are, in fact, quite different, and this confusion often results in social strife and uncertainty.
  1. In the United States Declaration of Independence, for instance, it was stated with great clarity by the originators that the rights of man stem from the divinity of their creation, and thus was established the principle of spirituality. However, they differentiated this from religion by saying that citizens are to be free from the establishment of any religion. The founders were aware that religion divides and is based on secular power, whereas, spirituality unites and has no worldly organization. The Declaration of Independence (which calibrates at 705) spells out that this is a nation whose government derives its authority from the spiritual principles of the Creator, and that it is to be guided by spiritual principles that see everyone as equal, with justice and freedom for all. This obvious position has great power and needs no defense.
  1. Religion, on the other hand, can be sectarian and divide people into conflicting groups, often with dire consequences to civilization and to life itself, as history reveals. The sole power of truly spiritual groups originates only from the truth of their teachings, and they have no significant earthly power, edifices, wealth, or reigning officers. Generally in spirituality, the central ideas that hold the group together are commonly those of love, forgiveness, peace, gratitude, thankfulness, kindness, nonmateriality, and nonjudgmentalism. Usually, religion, in essence, originally has a core of spirituality that, however, becomes submerged and often lost from sight. Otherwise, war, for example, would have little chance to even occur. Spiritual truth, then, is universally true and without variation through time or place. It always brings peace, harmony, accord, love, compassion, and mercy.Truth can be identified by these qualities. All else is the invention of the ego.


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